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TV loses signal when the device is off, what do I do?
Enable the "AV Pass through" in Menu>>Settings, and the Game Capture HD II will pass through signal when it's off.

What happens if I connect HDMI and Component inputs simultaneously?
HDMI input has higher priority when both sources are on.
1. You can switch the video source with the remote control, even when the device is turned-off.2. If only one of the video sources is on, Game Capture HD II automaticaly connects to it.

No signal on HDMI input.
1. Please check if the video source functions properly by connecting it directly to your TV. If it does, try unplug and replug HDMI input and output. Some sources requires longer detection time.
2. Try another HDMI cable

The screen blacks out when I try to adjust video resolution of the video source.
Please connect the source directly to a TV to adjust its resolution. Re-connect it to the Game Capture HD II when you are done.

The power light keeps flashing and the device doesn't record.
The power light flashes when the device is not ready to record. You can press [F1] on the remote control to check its status. Possible causes include:

1. Storage device not properlly installed
2. HDCP or MicroVision protected content cannot be recorded
3. No video source detected

Can I record HDMI and component sources at the same time?
No, you cannot record two sources at the same time; and it's not allowed to switch source during recording.

How to adjust the recording resolution?
Game Capture HD II records the same resolution as the video source, up to 1080p 30fps. All you need to do is adjusting the resolution of your input source.

Why the video is recorded in 720p while my PS3 is set as 1080i or 1080p?
PS3 adopts the resolution setting of selected games and changes resolution accordingly.

Why some content from HDMI or component cannot be recorded?
Some of the HDMI output device adopts the HDCP protection policy (PS3, Blu-ray,etc.); some component output device may adopt Macrovision protection as well. That's why they cannot be recorded by Game Capture HD II

Can I record video content from PC?
Yes, the Game Capture HD II can record Desktop/Laptop content through HDMI. However, we'd recommand you record in 1280*720 resolution, to get the best experience.

1. You'll need to duplicate your Laptop screen if you don't have an external monitor to pass-thru the video.
2. We recommend setting Display Mode as Real-time Mode when you record PC screens. Menu>>Setting>>Display Mode

What's the recording time for different recording quality and video resolution?
The longest recording time is 14 hours, the Game Capture HD II will automatically stop with a reminder. The shortest recording time is 6 seconds, during which there will be no response if you try to stop recording.Approx. recording time -

for HD 1080P
Maximum Recording Length


for HD 720P
Maximum Recording Length


for HD 1080i
Maximum Recording Length


for SD 480i(576i)/480P(576P)
Maximum Recording Length

How do I know if I'm running out of storage space during recording?
The recording indicator light flashes quickly when the storage space is low.

Why does the recording LED indicator turn into fast flash during recording?
It means the storage space is low. Recording may stop shortly.

Can I output Game Capture HD II to a PC monitor
Yes, you can output Game Capture HD II to a PC monitor. However, we'd recommend

1. set the resolution of input source to 1080p or 720p,
2. set the Display Mode to Real-time Mode (Menu>>Setting>>Display Mode)

Does Game Capture HD II support 24p video sources and Dolby 5.1 sound?
Game Capture HD II cannot record Dolby 5.1 sound nor 24p videos. Be sure to set the audio of your game console to "PCM audio" or "Auto" so that it works for Game Capture HD II. However, Game Capture HD II can pass through Dolby 5.1 sound and 24p video when it's powered off. (A/V pass through must be enabled)

Fail to record from Xbox One due to its HDCP protection
Xbox One enables HDCP protection whenever you turn to its TV mode, after which the signal is always protected and cannot be recorded. To game and record without HDCP, you have to restart Xbox One.Instructions for rebooting your game console: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/system/hdcp-error

Fail to record from PS4 due to its HDCP protection
PS4’s game recording over HDMI is available only when Sony releases an update that allows unencrypted HDMI output for games. Before that, PS4's signal carries HDCP and cannot be recorded. (Source: Engadget)

Game Capture HD II fails to detect my storage device, what do I do?
1. Try re-installing the storage device. It may take longer for Game Capture HD II to detect the storage device if there are too many files in the disk.
2. Format your storage device to NTFS file system on PC. We recommend using "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Any recommended storage device?

We recommend internal and external hard drives with at least 500G capacity. Please format your hard drive to NTFS before using it. Compatible devices: (update: Oct., 2013)

Seagate ST9250315AS 250G SATA 
Seagate ST9500420ASG 500G SATA
Toshiba V63700-B 750G USB 3.0
Hitachi HTS547564A9E384 640G SATA
Hitachi HTS547575A9E384 750G SATA
WD WDBY8L0020BBK-01 2T USB3.0

Game Capture HD II does NOT support USB Hubs, card readers, FAT format, NAS, and devices with more than 2TB capacity.

Does Game Capture HD II support recording with USB flash drive?

We recommend using hard drive for more stable read/write speed and better recording quality. For USB flash drives, the continious writing speed must exceed 10MB/s. USB Hub, card readers and USB 1.1 devices are not supported.

Does Game Capture HD II work with USB 3.0 or SATA 3 hard drives?

Yes, it does. USB 3.0 and SATA 3 devices are backward compatible.

Maximum hard drive capacity supported?

2TB for external hard drive.

How come there are black bars on my recordings while playing back on PC or YouTube?

The black bars may be caused by different aspect ratio of video source. 4:3 videos may have black bars when uploaded to YouTube.

Can I import media files to Game Capture HD II and play them back with it?

Game Capture HD II supports only videos and images took by itself. Importing other files may cause errors.

If I rename or edit my recordings on PC, does Game Capture HD II still recognize them?

Renamed filed can still be recognized by Game Capture HD II; However, Game Capture HD II cannot read or recognize PC-edited recordings.

I can't find my recordings, why is that?

If you cannot find recordings in the pre-set storage path, possible causes are:
1. PC-edited files cannot be read/recognized by Game Capture HD II
2. Storage path is assigned to hidden/ encrypted or system folders such like "System Volume Information", "$RECYCLEBIN", "MSOCache", "ProgramData", "Recovery"
3. Not ejecting/removing storage devices properly may cause missing files

How do I optimize the audio recording quality over microphone?

We'd recommend using hi-gain directional microphones. Be sure to test the audio recrption/recording before you start commentating and adjust the game console volume for better audio balance.

Can I separate my voice commentary from the game video in video editing software?

No, Game Capture HD II mixes voice commentary to game video, there is no separate audio track.

Why I can hear myself through microphone when I game?

When the video source is HDMI, it requires real-time audio mixing to record voice commentary, which is why you can hear yourself. It won't happen to component video sources.

What kind of microphone does Game Capture HD II support?

Game Capture HD II supports headphones and microphones with 3.5mm jack. (Impedance: 2.0 KΩ, Working Voltage: 3V) Please note that Game Capture HD II does NOT support dynamic microphones for karaoke, nor does it work with cell phone headsets.

There are noises from the microphone in my recordings, what do I do?

You can fix it by turning down the game volume and microphone when you make recordings.

What do I do if GameMate and Game Capture HD II get disconnected during my operation?

Disconnection may be caused by unstable Wi-Fi environment, which would NOT interfere with Game Capture HD II's on-going tasks. You can resume the connection by hitting the "re-connect" button on GameMate. If it gets disconnected constantly, please try re-start GameMate, Game Capture HD II and Wireless AP.

My GameMate cannot connect to Game Capture HD II, what do I do?

1. Make sure Game Capture HD II is connected to the Wi-Fi router via LAN cable and check the internet setting at Menu>>Setting.
2. Check the Wi-Fi setting of your mobile device. It has to connect to the same Wi-Fi router as Game Capture HD II does.
3. Exit the menu with the remote control.
4. Disable the connection of GameMate with other Game Capture HD II device if any.
5. Make sure you are using the latest firmware. Check for updates at: http://gamerzone.avermedia.com/support/download/game_capture_hd_2

Why can't I find uploaded snapshots on my facebook wall?

After uploading a snapshot, you'll find it in a private Facebook album named "GameMate", you can then change the privacy setting and share it to your wall.

My GameMate's interface turns to a reomote control, what should I do to turn it back?

To return to GameMate, exit Game Capture HD II's menu and tap on the upper-right "GameMate" button appearing on GameMate.

How do I choose a certain Game Capture HD II if I have many in the same network?

In the conntection page of GameMate, you can to choose the device you want to connect and enter the corresponding IP address to get connected.

Is it possible to control my Game Capture HD II with more than 1 GameMate?

No. Game Capture HD II can only be controlled by the first connected GameMate. You'll have to disconnect before switching to another mobile device.

Can I use GameMate and the remote control at the same time?

Once you control Game Capture HD II with its remote control, the interface of GameMate will turn to a remote control. To return to GameMate, exit Game Capture HD II's menu and tap on the upper-right "GameMate" button appearing on GameMate.

I can't find my uploads on YouTube

1. Before you start uploading, be sure to create a YouTube channel with your google account.
2. Only verified YouTube accounts can upload videos over 15 minutes. If account not verified, uploads over 15 minutes will be restricted.
3. YouTube blocks copyright protected contents
4. YouTube reviews all the uploads, sometimes it takes 2-3 days to list a video.

YouTube upload is slow even on high speed internet connection, why it that?

YouTube server may control uploading speed.

Fail to upload to YouTube

1. Check if the accunt and password are correct. If you've enabled YouTube's 2-step verification, enter the verification code to log in.
2. Upload one video at a time