MIO4089AM 2 ports RS-232 and 2 ports Parallel PCI Board - Macrocare
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SUNIX RS232 and Parallel

model : MIO4089AM

สอบถามราคาได้จาก Line ID : @macrocare หรือ อีเมล์ sales@mc.co.th


2 ports RS-232 & 2 ports Parallel PCI Board


The majority of today’s motherboards is not equipped with any RS-232 or parallel port. With SUNIX MIO4089AM Multi I/O board, users can expand 2 RS-232 and 2 IEEE1284 parallel ports to their system, allowing them to use serial and parallel devices further. SUNIX MIO4089AM is compatible with both 32/64-bit PCI architecture supporting 3.3 and 5V Bus, allowing the board to be installed in virtually any PC system. Furthermore, SUNIX MIO4089AM Multi-IO card supports majority of the OS on the market. We provide driver support for Microsoft Windows 32/64-bit platform, WinCE, Linux 2.2.x ~ 2.6.x kernels, making it the best and most economical solution for commercial and industrial applications



Expands 2 ports RS-232 and 2 ports IEEE1284 interface on system.
Universal PCI compatible with 64/32-bit PCI-X/PCI Bus and 3.3/5V connector key.
High reliability SUNIX UL7522EQ 16C750 compatible MultiIO controller on-board
Expands two RS-232 serial ports with communication speeds up to 230.4Kbps.
On-chip hardware auto flow control to guarantee no data loss.
Built-in ±15KV ESD protection for all serial signals meets IEC1000-4-2 standard.
Support IEEE 1284-1994 parallel port standard
• ECP(Enhance Capacity Port) / EPP(Enhance Parallel Port)
• SPP(Standard Parallel Port) / BPP(Bi-direction Parallel Port)
Plug-n-Play, I/O address and IRQ assigned by BIOS.
Certified by RoHS CE, FCC ClassB approval
Support DOS, Linux, Microsoft 3.x, 9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8.
Ready for the Intel® and AMD® 32/64-bit operation system



Product Description 2 ports RS-232 & 2 ports Parallel PCI Board
Controller SUNIX UL7512EQ (16C650 UART Compatible)
Bus Interface

Universal PCI 64/32bit 3.3V/5V, PCI Ver 2.3/2.2/2.1

IRQ & IO Assigned by System
PCB connector DB9 Male & DB25 Female
Serial Communication
Interface RS-232
No. of Port 2-port
FIFO 32 byte (Hardware)
Baud rate 50 bps to 115.2 Kbps
Data bit 5,6,7,8
Stop bit 1,1.5,2
Parity None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
Flow Control RTS/CTS (Hardware) , XON/XOFF(Software)

±15KV Human Body Model (HBM)
±15KV IEC1000-4-2 Air Gap Discharge
±8KV IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge

Parallel Communication  
Interface IEEE1284
No. of Port 2-Port
Connector DB25 Female
Speed Maximum 2.7MBps
FIFO 16 byte (Hardware)
Driver Support  
Microsoft 3.1/95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista (32/64 bit) /7 /8
Linux Linux 2.4.x / 2.6.x
Regulatory Approvals
Hardware EN55022 Class B, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, FCC Part 15 Class B, RoHS
Software Microsoft WHQL Window XP
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 °C ( 32 to 140 °F )
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% RH
Storage Temperature -20 to 85 °C ( -4 to 185 °F )
Connection Cable
Cable Pin Header to DB9 Male & DB25 Female Connector Bracket Set
Dimension(Unit = mm)
PCB Dimension 120 x 100
Bracket Standard 121
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